• sketchandpump

SS18 Essentials

Now that the weather is warming up our needs switch up. I set up a list of basic things that get me though the Spring and Summer.

1. Jean Jacket

A cool look to match a cooler night.

2. Converse

A pair or pairs of low tops, just an easy breathing shoe that virtually goes with anything.

3. T shirts

Packs of t shirts come handy in the warmer months, I try to get multi colored packs blk/w/gre

4. Blistex

Dry lips happen all year around... PROTECT YOURSELF

5. Distressed Denim

Any color any size, it looks cooler and it feels cooler.

6. Sweatsuit

Grab and go on a nice cool relaxed day.

7. Bomber Jacket

thin and something to throw on

8. Milkshakes

I love milkshakes and I'm very basic. Just give me a vanilla one no whip cream and I'm good!

9. Hoodies

No need to explain really

10. Fresh Cut

The more hair on your head the hotter you will be. And i just looks better with a good pair of shorts

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