• sketchandpump

What To Do To Save Money!!!!

I'm no Forbes Accountant, I'm not even a subscriber, but I do know what helped me to save money. what worked for me and i think would help you to is to figure out the things i consistently spend money on, for example I learned how to do certain things on my own, to keep me from shelling out dollars. We are so connected to everything now that you can learn anything, Yes! i mean anything. From how to, to how not, it's all right at your fingertips. Sketchnpump compiled a few thing you can do to keep a couple hundred for yourself.

Clean your own car

The weather is nice now, use a little elbow grease and save a little cash.

Do Your Own Hair

It is much easier than it sound! I was 12 when i first learned how to cut my own hair. However, it wasn't til high school when i realized the benefit of doing that. Back then I would spend 20$ a week on an haircut. 20$ a week for four or five times a month is is 80 -100$ a month. Start off by learning how to do a everyday style than from there you expand your knowledge and get fancy.

Basic Car Maintenance

An oil change can run you anywhere from 25- 200$ depending on the type of car you have and what type of oil you need. Oil Changes are basically the same across the board, meaning if you can change the oil in one car you can do it to another. On average you should change your car oil every 3000 miles in a yr on average you drive 10,000 miles so that is 3 oil changes a year. So in a year you have saved yourself any where from 75- 600$ on just oil changes, we haven't even gotten to the brakes yet.

Brakes are another part of the car that you can do on your own. Brakes are a big cost, but they are easy to do once you learn how to do them. The average set of brakes are 100- 300$ per axle. A car has two axles, the Front axle and Rear axle. How often you get your brakes done is based on wear and tear, (how often you brake, how often you hit the brakes hard, etc).


You know who you are, you can't keep uber eating. Yes! i know its great and everything is on there but the amount of money you are spending on it daily is ridiculous! I'm only speaking from experience. #iloveusforreal

Becoming a DIYer (do it yourself) you can put the money you saved into doing other things, Be it a vacation, a shopping trip or using it to pay off bills you have that choice by doing things on your own.