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Guys Guide to Skincare Pt.1

Most men (including myself) don't think too much about skincare until its too late. First Impressions are lasting impressions and a bad impression last twice as long. The first thing people notice besides what you are wearing is what your skin looks like.The problem lies when you have neglected your skin for so long that is seems unmanageable, maybe I can help you with that.

I've dealt with dry, itchy skin for years. I was told I had eczema and I used everything in my power to get rid of it, BUT NOTHING WOULD WORK! One day, itchy and aggravated I purchased the whole set (body wash, lotion and anti-itch creme)of Neosporin Eczema Essentials, within a week I seen and felt a dramatic change in my skin. My skin was soft, smooth and it wasn't itchy at all. I recommend it to everyone who has eczema.

Now that I rectified my eczema, I have been using RCW Choice Products. These are a line of natural products made by hand in Connecticut. Do to Sketchnpump's close relationship with this company we have been able to customize our own products. My favorite product is the STUNT bar soap, it's a very light soap with a clean fragrance for men that can be used for face and body. RCW Choice soaps leaves you with a clean feeling and a fresh smell. To order yours you can look up RCW Choice products on Facebook or send us an email.

You may have seen my attempt to search for various products catered to men on our Instagram page. In my search I came across Brickell Men's Products. They offer a "free" ($5 shipping fee) sample box of all they have to offer. Brickell offers everything from day and night serums to beard oil plus more! Make sure you subscribe to the website so you don't miss my full review on these products.

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