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Fetch Fall !

Fall is here and so are our favorite things that come with it. Here's a list of essentials that we can't live without during the autumn season! 1. Blistex Dry lips happen all year round, PROTECT YOUR LIPS 2. Jean Jacket Pairs with almost anything 3. Wet weather gear Who doesn't love a good rainboot trench coat combo? 4. RCW Choice All Natural Soaps Literally the best soap we ever used. For more info contact us 5. Leather Jacket A cool look to match a cooler night 6. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING An all-black outfit isn't required for everyday wear (or is it) but it is a necessary fall staple 7. Sweatsuit Can easily be paired with numbers 2,3, and 5... No Seriously! 8. Any hydrating mask

9. Moisturizers

Thick cream or butter

10. A Fall Scented Candle

Some of our favorites are:

Great Value Mandarin Teakwood

Better Homes & Gardens Orchard Apples

Do we share any of the same fall essentials? Is there anything we should try this season? Let us know in the comment section.

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